Tropicana: Setting Book has been released!

Tropicana: Savage Setting
Tropicana: Setting Book has been released by GRAmel and you can find it on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. PDF version, b/n, English only.

Tropicana is a Savage Setting for Savage Worlds Deluxe RPG, published by GRAmel, by my accomplice Giuseppe Rotondo and me.

Umberto Pignatelli has edited and refined the game, Andy Slack reviewed our English and the GRAmel team (Piotr Korys e Ireneusz Winnicki) has finalized the book for the release.

Tropicana: Savage SettingTropicana is a game of action heroes, adventurers and troubleshooters, on the narrow border between law and something else. It is set in San José, a rogue-state consisting of a tropical metropolis, its wild jungle hinterland and a small archipelago of paradise islands.

Heroes are detectives and spies, special agents and rogues, gamblers and exotic dancers, pilots and mercenaries, surfers and tourists, students and activists…

TropicanaThey will surely find themselves in trouble, be hired for handling trouble or actively look for trouble. And trouble in San José is always big, complicated and twisted.

Fight criminals, investigate ancient mysteries, solve cases, seduce the most beautiful men and women!

Now grab your gun and a mojito and join the spies, billionaires, drug lords, rebels, indios and international celebrities on this gangsta’s paradise!

Tropicana – Resources

Tropicana: Setting Book on DriveThruRPG

Tropicana Social Club on Facebook

Tropicana su Caponata Meccanica (Italiano)


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