Tropicana: First reviews from the web


In the first 3 days Tropicana had five 5-Star reviews and it’s still the Hottest “Popular Pick” on RPGNow!

Popular Pick, Hottest Title for 3 days and only 5-Star reviews for our game! Thank you all, guys! 😀

Tropicana, first reviews

Dennis B.: “An interesting modern setting for Savage Worlds, of which I have found few that are suitable. It has a great mix of styles incorporated, with the criminal, espionage, and pulp themes working nicely if a GM wants a more subdued or outlandish feel. I think for more inexperienced GM’s a few more plot points could have been added, which seems to be the Savage standard at the moment, but in general I am very impressed with this book. I have played a quick game with my group, and they loved the Jukebox mechanic. I think a map might also be useful, since it was one of the first things I was asked for. The adventure I ran was an action ‘treasure hunt’, but after the game the players and I sat down and discussed how the elements worked together, and it was felt the setting had a lot to offer for a long term campaign. I will be watching for future releases for the setting!”

Neal H.: “If for no other reason, you should buy this book for the optional rules for disguise, seduction, and the Tropicana Jukebox. However, Tropicana has lots more to offer, as the best modern low FX settings out there. In addition, the agency creation and maintenence rules allow heroes to feel like they create something that grows and changes with them.”

Brian R.: As usual, GRAmel has outdone itself with Tropicana, a pitch-perfect setting for adventure, mystery, and action in a tropical banana republic. Set in the tiny, fictional state of San José, Tropicana weaves a complex setting suitable for a wide variety of games, drawing from a huge body of inspiration.


Being a fan of explosive action, dark mysteries, and wild action, I love this setting and can’t wait to run it!”

Find the game and its free preview here!


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