Tropicana: Maps, feedbacks and inspiration

Tropicana Maps

Tropicana again! Here there are your first feedbacks, our sources of inspiration… and some kind of map…


Last thing first.

doctorno565aWe are very happy about all the feedbacks you are providing on Tropicana.
It seems you really like the game AND have a lot of good ideas to improve it.

I’m constantly watching all the reviews, in the web and in the product page, the topic in the PEG Forum and the discussions on Facebook.
So here it is a recap of what I reached from all of you. Please add new ones in this comments, if missing:

  • MAPS! 1/2 maps will be very useful. Let’s say 1 for the city, another for the whole country (very good idea: we are thinking of it!)
  • A Plot Point Campaign, to set the mood (in the next weeks)
  • More 1-sheet adventures (on their way)
  • Pregenerated Heroes (on their way)
  • A Pregenerated Agency (why not? On its way)
  • New tables collected into one sheet: flirting table, after adventure events, etc. (very good idea: we are thinking of it!)
  • A stylish character sheet. Just for the looks. Possibly and agency sheet too (great ideas: we are thinking of it!)

So, what I see is that we can provide the missing stuff in a very few times and that seems to me a great result.


Someone else asked us about our main sources of inspiration.

This is an easy one. Let’s see:

Clive Cussler’s series (all of them!); Emilio Salgari, The Black Corsair Series (an Italian pulp writer at the beginning of the 20th Century); James Ellroy, mainly the Underworld USA Trilogy.

Mr No and Martin Mystere, two Italian comic series, not so famous abroad.

live-and-let-die-posterMovies: Angel Heart, Bad Boys II, Burn After Reading, City of God, Contract Killers, Desperado, El Mariachi, the Fast and Furious franchise, the Indiana Jones franchise (yes, even the 4th episode), Into the Blue, Haven (2004), the whole James Bond franchise, Marked for Death (1990), Miami Vice (2006), Mission: Impossible franchise, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Point Break, Runner Runner (2013), Scarface, Smokin’ Aces, The Expendables franchise, The Golden Mistress (1954), The Great Lebowsky, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The Tailor of Panama.

Ferrari-308-GTS-Magnum-PI_150006_car-1280x0_WB1VVOTV Series: Alias, Bring ‘Em Back Alive (can you remewmber this one?), Burn Notice, Magnum PI, Miami Vice, Riptide, Simon & Simon, Tales of the Gold Monkey, X Files.

Videogames (all franchises): Just Cause, GTA (mainly San Andres), Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Alone in the dark.

Music: (…) there is a weird thing to say about the music, let’s talk about that next time…



…and then the Maps.

I really have two of them, just my working drafts. We will realize official art from them, but… if you are so curious…

Give a look to these two pieces of sheet…

Tropicana - San José City Map + DistrictsTropicana - San José Country Map

Now you can understand why San José should better remain Uncharted 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tropicana: Maps, feedbacks and inspiration

  1. Thanks for this insightful entry! As a map-lover, it was great to see even working drafts. I had started to draw one for my own game and then scrapped it, telling myself to just wait. Now I can see I was way, way off. Yours is far better.

    By the way, I totally remember “Bring Em Back Alive” and “Tales of the Gold Monkey.” I almost posted them on the Tropicana Social Club but figured the time era was too far off. As someone from the United States, I’m forever amazed at how far our entertainment has spread, and how people around the world are familiar with it. I never would have imagined that those shows, which didn’t even survive a single season if I recall correctly, would have made it as far as Italy. But I shouldn’t be too surprised, I guess. When I was in Guyana, they used to show “Friends” on one of the channels — it was comforting and also strange to see it so far from home in a place that was so different from the U.S.

    Looking forward to more Tropicana goodies! I’m hoping to create some pregens and a one-sheet really soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian.
      Actually, “Bring Em Back Alive” and “Tales of the Gold Monkey” are pretty forgotten in Italy and just a few people remember them (usually the one-eyed dog). Better known A-Team, Riptide, Magnum P.I., Supercar, Manimal (oh my… “Manimal…”) and so on.
      We had a lot of US TV show and they have given shape to the collective imagination of my generation.

      Please, share everything you want with us!


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