Time to talk about Ultima Forsan


After almost a week that this blog exists, we need to talk about Ultima Forsan, my first rpg published in English language, by GG Studio.

Ultima Forsan is a game of wild adventures and deadly dangers, set in a macabre alternate version of our Renaissance.

It is written by Giuseppe Rotondo and me, same authors of Tropicana, and published in Italian and English language by GG Studio.

Probably you have seen the picture on top of the blog: the big skull-bear charging the chained hero in the Coliseum. It’s by Sebastien Ecosse, the French artist who does every cover in the series. That one is for the next release: You only die twice, a gamebook / solo adventure I’m still writing, scheduled for the next spring.

Ok, but what’s about Ultima Forsan?

Knights vs Dead Double Page

At the end of the Middle Ages, the Plague of the Dead has spread through the Old World, destroying the kingdoms of men.

All the cities in Europe, Africa, and Asia have fallen prey to the Gray Horde of the corpses brought back to life, which has reached all the known lands, while horrible abominations are rampant everywhere, thus giving rise to
the darkest time in the history of the human race.

After almost two centuries spent fighting for survival, facing macabre battles and unthinkable horrors, the survivors among the human race have managed to reconquer part of the lost territories and establish small, fortified and guarded fiefs.

UF Sample Preview 2All sciences, techniques, and arts have been redirected from their original course and steered toward those fields of research most useful against the Plague. Resources never dreamed of before, and obtained from the treasures and properties of millions of families now extinct, have been devolved to the development of machines, alchemic materials, weapons, equipment and training to fight this Macabre War.

Ultima Forsan - Mappa EuropaNow, since the year 1514, delegates from all the Mediterranean area Fiefs are going to meet each others in councils and conclaves to decide the future of the New Kingdoms and bring forth an era of hope: the Renaissance.

Ultima Forsan Heroes are indomitable warriors wearing augmented armors, alchemists skilled in distilling devastatingly efficient preparations, stealthy hit men who can track down and kill necromancers and infectors, skilled mercenary soldiers, hunters of the Dead who carry silenced muskets, gifted inventors who can design tanks and flying machines, witches and monks, rascals and charlatans so sly and skilled they can deceive even the Plague Spawn.

“Ultima Forsan” is these Heroes’ motto: each hour, each feat, each adventure could be their last, but they won’t stop because of that.

Whether they succeed or fail, they will fall fighting!

14305_791583424229101_930627057910668583_nThe Dead are their main enemy, be them isolated Strays or devastating Hordes, but in the Wilderness and in the depths of the Cities of Sorrow have their lair horribly mutated Fell Beasts, Chimeras born of mad experiments, or even more frightening Abominations.

And in the East, in Jerusalem, the Black Sultan is gathering his awful legions, getting ready to hurl them at the New Kingdoms…


Ultima Forsan on DriveThruRPG

In Italy, Ultima Forsan is one of the most loved Savage Setting and we are very proud to share it also with English players. At the time I’m writing, the game is Best Silver Seller on DriveThruRPG, with mainly five-star reviews.

Bozza Copertina UF - 3

In the Ultima Forsan page on DriveThruRPG you can find:

We are currently working on a new release of the Setting Book and on a lot of other books and adventures. Next to come:

  • Once upon a time in Lucca, a Plot Point campaign that follows the two introductory adventures and can be used with the Lucca Map
  • Ultima Forsan: Ruthenia Macabra, a regional gazetteer about Macabre Russia.

You can also join the Facebook Ultima Forsan Official Page and/or follow us on GG Studio (Website and Facebook)



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