Tropicana: Four articles and an adventure

gta_vice_city_girl__wallpaper__by_tdeleeuw-d5ozqj6Another little bit of Tropicana: we have some news on our Savage Setting! Reviews, insights, and an adventure from Brian Reeves.

So, a whole week from the release of the game, Tropicana has collected more reviews and 5-star scores, but this article is not about them.

Tropicana: Savage SettingFirst of all, a reminder: we upgraded the file on RPGNow and now Tropicana: Setting Book has a few more pages in it, with our first free official adventure Hot Wheels, and a page with the pop culture reference of the game.

  • Do you already have your copy? Go back on RPGNow and download it again for free, with the new content!
  • Do you still lack it? Now it is the right time to download!

Ok, let’s go ahead, to the articles.

Other People’s (New) Pulp: Tropicana

On his blog Karavansara, Davide Mana offers a selection of resources players and game-masters might like to check out, and I am very happy to share it.

“Three fiction books

  • 51Egiz96HKL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Michael Crichton (writing as John Lange), Grave Descend
    Fast and loose story about a salvage operation gone wrong. Mystery, thrills, underwater action in the Jamaican waters.
  • David Dodge, Plunder of the Sun
    Pre-Colombian treasure, smuggling, an American expat trying to make ends meet, from the author of “To Catch a Thief”.
  • Lawrence Block, Killing Castro
    From 1961, a book about a band of mercenaries hired to… well, to kill Castro.”

Read the whole article on Karavansara!

Blowing up the Tropics: Tropicana

Again by our friend Davide Mana (but from another blog of him), another article about the game.

1387274443185.jpg--my_name_is_mister_noBottom line: one of the most plain fun settings I’ve seen in ages, this one just waits to be dropped on the table for the players to get going.
Pros: speed, a familiar-yet-exotic setting
Cons: a few more scenarios would have been nice
Crazy bit you can’t but love: the characters are supposed to have a fave musical genre… how cool is that?”

Read the whole article on GreyWorld!

Review on RPGNet

A very complete and positive review.

1398776542295.jpg--ragazzi_perduti“As usual, GRAmel has outdone itself with Tropicana, a pitch-perfect setting for adventure, mystery, and action in a tropical banana republic. Set in the tiny, fictional state of San José, Tropicana weaves a complex setting suitable for a wide variety of games, drawing from a huge body of inspiration. Though created for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game, most of the content is systemless and quite suitable for any number of RPGs.

Being a fan of explosive action, dark mysteries, and wild action, I love this setting and can’t wait to run it!”

Read the whole article on RPGNet!

Tropicana: Pewnego razu na Karaibach…

maxresdefaultKrótko, zwięźle i na temat, bo szkoda pierdolić o tej godzinie: Tropicana jest zajebista. Grajcie w nią. Jedyne, za co się obraziłem to to, że nie ma mapy. Na całe szczęście, jeśli wiatry będą sprzyjać, będzie mapa w przyszłości i to prawdopodobnie niejedna. Czekam.

Chciałbym też przy okazji podziękować Piotrowi “Ramelowi” Korysiowi za świetną obsługę klienta. Napisałem na społeczności zupełnie od niechcenia kilka luźnych pierwszych uwag dotyczących “problemów”, na jakie natknąłem się w podręczniku, a Ramel od razu wziął sprawy w swoje ręce i poprawił nawet czcionkę w boxach, bo mi się jebało od niej w oczach. Dzięks, man!

Ok, I confess I used Google Translator to understand what this website says about the game. It seems a very positive review. So, if you understand Polish, please read here the complete article on Sawedzblog.

The Eye of the Jaguar

…and now, let’s play!

02_cortomalteseAn introductory adventure for 3 – 6 Novice Heroes or a Startup Agency. The heroes uncover a plot involving assassinations, a strange artifact, and a lost jungle temple.

Our great fan Brian Reeves realized a free short scenario for Tropicana, called “The eye of the jaguar” and a few pregenerated characters you can use with it or in your sessions.

With his compliments:

If you have something else to notify about Tropicana, please use the comments!

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