The Italian Job


Savage Worlds Italian authors are a lot, and their number is growing up. Please stop these guys! 🙂

Lucca Comics & Games 2014.

From the left: Umberto Pignatelli (Beasts & Barbarians, Kata Kumbas, ecc…), Edoardo Dalla Via (Enascentia), Maria Mello Rella (Freak Control), Gilbert Gallo (Mythos, Warage, Olympus Inc.), Danilo Moretti (Freak Control).

They are all Savage Worlds Italian authors that also works (or are going to work) for an English audience. Everyone of them has other publications too, and from the family picture are missing a lot of people: Giuseppe Rotondo (Tropicana, Ultima Forsan), Davide Mana (Deadlands, Greyworld), the Italian Nemezis trio: Matteo Poropat, Andrea Tupac Mollica and Giancarlo Borracci, Alessandro Mazzetti (MERCs), me and many others.

As you can see,  we are not a few: thanks above all to GG Studio, in Italy Savage Worlds is a well-known pen and paper rpg, and we are translating month by month a lot of our games in English.

It’s an honour to be part of this family, and I want to start dialoguing with my friends/colleagues about our games, our ideas and our influences. The first Dialogue of the blog will happen with one of the people in the picture.

Can you guess who?


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