Acheron Books: Italian speculative fiction, worldwide


Acheron Books is the best choice to discover good contemporary Italian sci-fi, urban fantasy, weird and horror stories. In English language!

First, a disclaimer: for a while I was used to work with Acheron Books as a consultant. Probably, in the future I will publish something with them, or in association with them. So, just take notice that I’m an enthusiastic supporter and a friend of this little but awesome Italian publishing house.

But how could it be otherwise?

Acheron’s mission is to publish speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction and horror) written by Italian authors, translated into English and distributed worldwide in ebook or print on demand.

There is a tagline for that, one of the best I even read:

Speculative Fiction. Made in Italy. Shared Worldwide.


That’s exactly what I would love to do, in my life…

So, for my category King of the Bloggo it’s time to reblog something from their blog, the very same I was used to manage up to six months ago.

Finally… What about Italian Speculative Fiction?

Bringing Italian speculative fiction worldwide

036f4932f5067c9fdaf14aef56371761c8fab8e0The idea came to be quite naturally. In Italy, like in all world countries, speculative fiction authors produce books the national publishing market doesn’t invest in and doesn’t believe in, and that are almost unknown outside national boundaries.

Acheron Books decided to invest in and to believe in them because we are certain the quality of the novels is there, is high, and makes them worthy of worldwide distribution and appreciation.

To allow you to enjoy our novels, we’ve worked hard for more than a year thanks to a fantastic staff of native English speaking translators and editor, on every single book, chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word, to produce novels that don’t read just as “translations”, but remain faithful to the original Italian texts.

We’ve discovered that in the translation process the original Italian flavor excellently amalgamates with the freshness of English language like when you discover a cuisine that is an original combination of two different ingredients, and we are certain that the result is something new, unique and special.

10846182_825548194172402_6657977262015231669_nSo, why the name “Acheron”? Because we like the notion of an ideal union
of two literary worlds, the Italian fantasy tradition with the English language one that all of us read and appreciate enormously.

Acheron is one of Hell’s rivers of the dead of ancient Greek-Roman mythology, the same one mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy; at the same time, it recalls the roots of American fantasy, to the lost and mysterious Acheron Empire created by Robert E. Howard.

The best of Italian fantastic fiction fused with the tradition and the tendencies of modern English language speculative fiction.

Two worlds are combined to meet the demanding and attentive tastes of today’s readers, and to provide them with a new and tasty dish.

7-home_defaultToday we are proud of publishing our first titles. Many more carefully selected novels are in development and will be available in the next few months. We will alternate accomplished Italian authors, first time novelists and extraordinary discoveries in the wild and fascinating world of self-publishing!

We believe in this project, and we can’t wait for you to read our novels. We are sure you will like them and that you will be entertained and thrilled.

We are ready to sail for the Acheron River, towards the endless Other Worlds of Imagination. Are you?

Enjoy the read, and enjoy the ride!

Acheron Books

Visit the blog of Acheron Books and check for Italian Speculative Fiction!


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