Macabre Ruthenia has been released!


Macabre Ruthenia has been finally released and you can find this first Gazetteer for Ultima Forsan on DrivethruRPG and RPGNow!

A great surprise this morning!

The book is on the table ehm… is on the biggest online stores for RPGs, and finally we can show you our work. It was a great effort, together with a great honour and pleasure, to turn historical middle-age Russia in a part of the great, uchronic world of Ultima Forsan, the “Macabre Renaissance”.

Our Russian partners and friends already checked the book and approved our entire adaptation, so I’m crossing my fingers hoping that you like it too.

Anyway, I am now very proud to introduce you Ultima Forsan: Macabre Ruthenia!



From the frozen shores of the White Sea to the opulent khanate of Astrakhan,
from the borders of the endless Tartary to the dark woods of Lithuania…

Ultima Forsan: Macabre Ruthenia is a regional gazetteer about Macabre Russia
for Ultima Forsan.

Ruthenia is not a country for weak men: Muscovy is on the edge of a civil war,
the marauders gather on the east bank of the Volga river, the malevolent Yagas
lurk to ensnare travelers, Koschei the Deathless roams the steppes.
And the shadow of Erlik Khan, the God of Death that controls the Golden
Horde, falls over the whole region.

Inside Ultima Forsan: Macabre Ruthenia you can find:

  • A gazetteer of Macabre Ruthenia divided by region
  • A new double-page map: Rutenia Macabra
  • History, geography and politics of Ruthenia in the time of the Plague
  • New Edges, weapons and gear for Ruthenian Heroes
  • Legends, rumors, threats and hints for adventure for the Game Master
  • An encounter generator that will allow you to create amazing travel adventures for your Heroes
  • New monsters and enemies



  • Rutenia Macabra, the Map
  • Six new pregenerated Heroes from Ruthenia, ready to play
  • Uncle Istvan’s Cabin, or Dead among the Lowly, a free adventure set in Ruthenia



2 thoughts on “Macabre Ruthenia has been released!

    1. Hola Yuber,
      In short: Yes. This kind of companion / gazetteer is the way we decided to follow for our next releases. So, we have had Macabre Italy first (right now in Italian language only), then Macabre Ruthenia… We already are working on Macabre Iberia that will describe Spain, Portugal and their Atlantic colonies). It will be released in a few months.


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