Mister No’s Jukebox


Mister No’s Jukebox: Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. Happy listening with the favourite tracklist of this old-fashioned Italian comic hero!


I’m writing a lot in this period (Ultima Forsan, Tropicana, Imago Mortis) and the time for blogging is very few.

So, let’s save the day with a tracklist.

Mister No, aka Jerry Drake, is one of the most important Italian comic heroes, first published in Italy in 1975 by Sergio Bonelli Editore, the most relevant Italian comic publisher.

This hero/anti-hero was created by Sergio Bonelli himself, under the pseudonym Guido Nolitta, and the regular monthly series endured up to December 2006.

Jerry Drake is a US adventurer, who grew up in New York among gangsters and mobsters, then became one of the Flying Tigers in the Far East. Later, he started a new life in the Amazon as a civil pilot, flying over the jungle with a Piper and carrying around tourists and travelers (always chased or in search of fortune) across South America.

Mister No (so called because he never succumbed, physically or ethically, to threats or torture) is a typical 20th century (pulp) adventurer: lone pilot and globetrotter, pistol on his belt, ready to fight for ideals, treasures and beautiful ladies, enemy to every oppression and injustice. Fights, chases, shootouts, lost temples, sunken treasures, cruel swindlers and bigoted guards at his heels: 380 monthly issues of adventure!

I liked this character so much that you can find a special version of this hero in Tropicana, as an homage. What a wonderful character for a Savage Worlds adventure or scenario!


In a special publication dedicated to him, his creator Bonelli talked a little about his preferences, and he also reported Mister No’s ideal “favourite tracklist”.

There we discover that the Italian adventurer of Manaus has a golden heart and that jazz and blues songs from the ’40s and ’50s are his favorite music. Apparently, the daredevil of Italian comics is also an incurable sentimentalist.

If you like to take a dip in this musical atmosphere, then you can dream of being in Manaus in ’52 (or in San José in 2016) and drink your rum with an unusual mate with boots and belt, while a foreign orchestra is performing this jazz greatest hits for the customers.

Mister No’s Jukebox 





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