Researchers of the Lost City: Released!

unnamed (1)

Researchers of the Lost City is the first long adventure Giuseppe and I have written for Tropicana. GRAmel has just published it: find your path to tropical adventure on RPGNow! 

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory!

Mireia Fernandez Ramos, a young researcher of the Facultad de Arquelogìa y Etnología at the University of San José (the Faye) has obtained a certain amount of funds from Professor Francisco de Arona to pursue a search for Kikomoyac, the famous lost city of the Azcali.

a97cffe9-c647-42af-8916-6da9b059792dKikomoyac is just a legend for many, suitable for tourists and pseudo-archaeology fanatics, but Mireia has discovered a series of quatrains written by Matthieu Carmaux, the famous “Bard Buccaneer”, about the “Seven Cities of Gold” of Kikomoyac. A researcher at Faye has found a hint that could lead to an ancient and legendary Azcali lost city.

In order not be considered insane by her own teacher, Mireia has not explained in detail the course of her research and she intends to use the funds to hire brave men and stage an expedition on her own, in search of this famous lost city.

Together with her “assistants” (the heroes), the researcher must solve a “puzzle” in four parts and then head to the place it identifies. But two mysterious groups are on her trail and want to steal her results.

This long adventure / short campaign for Tropicana is divided into five sections and is designed specifically to introduce new players to this Savage Setting.

unnamedIt is a treasure hunt, set in different districts of the city and the country of San José, and the adventurers will face dangers and perils of all kinds before reaching the legendary “Azcali Lost City”.

Spies, Azcalis, chases, duels – all waits for your character in Researchers of the Lost City.

In this very moment, it can be purchased on RPGNow, just for $4.99! 

GRAmel Publisher Piotr Korys also said this campaign will be included in the first printed book we are working on, that will cost about 25$.


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