Olympus Inc. – An overview

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Olympus Inc: An Urban Fantasy Setting Book for Savage Worlds, by Gilbert Gallo. An overview!

fotogilbertMy friend Gilbert Gallo, the Savage Worlds “Myth guy”, is working on a new amazing project and I’m very happy to offer this little spot to boost the signal.

I like very much Mythos and I know how Gilbert works: a competent and enthusiastic author creating and playing amazing games with a touch of… elegance

He really works on RPGs as a man of letter, or an artist, and I sometimes start my works with his tips well impressed in my mind.

So… we talked a lot of Myth and Game in our Dialogue.

It’s now time to focus on Olympus Inc. Let’s talk about the game itself and its crowdfunding.

This is an official description, so I marked it as a “King of the Bloggo” article.

Olympus Inc. – The Kickstarter project

Olympus Inc. is the Modern-Mythological setting for Savage Worlds inspired by American Gods, Percy Jackson, Cyberpunk literature and Shadowrun rpg. It will be published by Fabled Environments and is written by Charles White and Gilbert Gallo. It also features many Savage Worlds well-known authors’ contributions, such as Umberto Pignatelli, John Dunn, Sean Preston, Sean Bircher, Curtis Lyon and the famous Italian game designer Andrea Angiolino.
The graphic layout will feature a full-colored handbook, illustrated by many talented artists.

Olympunk Heroes

Heroes in Olympus Inc. are powerful Demigods who live in an apparently normal, but if facts hostile world full of shape shifting mythological creatures and dangerous, ichor thirsty monsters where the Olympian Mega Corporations wage a secret war against the Titan Organizations. Striving to maintain “normal” appearances, Olympunk characters are the super-heroes of a bad situation, secretly working to achieve their ultimate goal.

Whether it takes committing crimes, slaying monsters, or wage a financial war against a corporation, the quintessential Olympunk character is a super-hero with a cause. As a Olympus Inc. roleplayer, it’s up to you to find that cause and go to the wall with it. Will you use your lightning powers to defend the innocents or to electrocute them? Will you employ your Divine Charm to become the world’s most fearsome tyrant or to persuade two warring Nations to sign a peace treaty? Will you aim to achieve mundane power or to reach immortality? It’s up to you to decide; in Olympus Inc. everything’s possible.


A change in divine management: Nemesis’s harsh law

There was a time when Olympians ruled over the material plane. That time is no more. Nowadays Material Plane is ruled by goddess Nemesis, who cherishes “normality” and fiercely punishes anyone who displays divine powers in front of “normal” humans. Average humans are now oblivious to divine powers, that’s why they are called “Sleepers”. If a Sleeper witnesses a Monster or a Divine Power, he will either “rationalize” it or he will look away and won’t believe his eyes.

Everyone who blatantly displays powers in front of Sleepers gives a shock to their beliefs and therefore is guilty of Hubris, a mortal sin for the Goddess. That’s why every character (PCs, NPCs and Monsters) in Olympus Inc. should better avoid public display of powers (be it hurling a thunderbolt or a Monster walking around in Times Square). Nemesis wants the world to look like a gods-forsaken and ordinary land: everyone must abide to her strict law or immediately suffer the harsh consequences. That’s why in Olympus Inc. most of the epic battles occur in secret, sleepers-free places. That way powers will work as expected and Goddess Nemesis is not angered: after all, the battle will probably diminish the number of power-wielding people walking on Earth.

A Mythological multi-ethnical society

In Olympus Inc.’s world, behind the veil of normal appearances there is a lot more than meets the eye. A lot of different Intelligent Mythological Creatures (IMC) developed shape shifting powers that allow them to live side-by-side with humans, who are totally unaware of their presence. For example, shifting to a human form, many Neo-Tritons serve different Navies, Neo-Sirens became famous singers while Neo-Sphinxes work as scholars in many labs and libraries. Some of them (like Neo-Lamiae) blended in to hunt human preys more easily, while others wanted to experience more social freedom or even aim for thousands of followers.

Depending on circumstances, IMCs could be anything between a trusted ally and a bitter enemy for heroes. Always remember: the world of Olympus Inc. LOOKS normal, but it actually isn’t!

Corporations and Dynasties

During centuries, Olympians spawned many Demigod children. Some of those Demigods were blessed with a really heroic descent, therefore they were chosen as the “favorite lineage” by each one Olympian God. This way, Dynasties were born: Olympians held in high esteem their members, who in turn held high each Olympian’s ideals and goals through the centuries.

Nowadays, each Dynasty owns a different Mega-Corporation, this puts their members among the most rich and influential people in the world. Each mega-corporation wages a financial and sometimes military war against competitors, meaning that sometimes two or more Dynasties vie for supremacy. In addition to that, Dynasties are involved since centuries in a collective “secret war” against the Titans whose IMC lackeys now are in charge of powerful supranational organizations who try to hinder the Dynasties by all means (both military and economical).

This secret yet fierce global war led to the need of relying on third parties to carry out “dirty jobs” in order to claim “plausible deniability” for all parts involved. That’s where Olympunks come handy: they are the perfect people for all kind of risky jobs needed by the actors of this subtle and ferocious war.

If you are amazed from this mix like I am, join us on Olympus Inc. Kickstarter pageThe Kickstarter campaign is now live and will end on February 19th.



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