Die fast (or die trying)

Die fast (or die trying) is a new short adventure for Tropicana Savage Setting, by Mauro Longo and Giuseppe Rotondo. Find it on RPGNow!

On the sunny road that goes along the beautiful beach of Bahia del Sol, the heroes find themselves in the middle of a shooting, a hail of lead pouring onto an old Kombi cabover panel van. And from there, things only get worse!
A new adventure for Tropicana is alive, published as usual by GRAmel. Die fast (or die trying) is an introductory scenario for Tropicana, for 3-6 Novice Heroes or a Startup Agency. Hails of bullets, chases, fights, deadly mysteries, windows smashing and shards of glass everywhere; find out the secrets of that damn corpse everybody wants to get their hands on!
At the end of the adventure you also will find:

Lost in San José

Six characters perfect for adventures where trouble gets to the players:

  • Lulu, Esotic Dancer
  • Esteban Sanchez, Skipper
  • Jerry Calois, Entertainer
  • Fernando Castro, Beach Dude
  • Morena La Rosa, Student
  • James “Jimmy” Malone, Paparazzo

They are not (yet!) action heroes, but neither hopeless losers, they will surely get involved in some kind of trouble…

Prisma Service

A new Agency, with its stats and six more heroes as members. Prisma Service has its headquarters in the basement of a XVII century palace in La Laguna. Thanks to its members’ varied skills and backgrounds, Prisma Service offers a wide range of services, from delicate investigation to unusual transportation and delivery, to smooth solutions for rough problems.


Die fast (or die trying) on RPGNow!


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