Dead in Venice – A Savage Tale for Ultima Forsan

dead in venice

Dead in Venice is one of the first Savage Setting we played and wrote for Ultima Forsan, now in a new, edited English version. Pay it what you want on DriveThruRPG!

Dead in Venice

Dead in Venice is an introductory Ultima Forsan adventure for three to five Novice heroes, set in Old Venice. Heroes, aboard a Ferrara airship, crash into the City of Sorrow. They have to find a way to escape from Venice, but they’ll need to find an agreement with the insidious Lazzarettos.

The adventure begins in the sky over Old Venice, while the characters are flying to (or from) the Teutonic Federate Principalities. They are traveling on an astonishing aircraft built in Ferrara and their mission could be diplomatic, or linked to another adventure or campaign. I.e. the aircraft might be directed to Lucca for the upcoming Universal Council (see the upcoming official campaign Once upon a time in Lucca) or the reason of the travel is somehow connected with The secret of Marco Polo, the four-parts adventure you can find in Ultima Forsan: Setting Book. The sly Hilaire von Aschenbach and her Lazzarettos are an encounter in common for both adventures and you can manage their mood and reaction according to previous encounters.

Dead in Venice is set (of course) in Old Venice, a place of death and horror surrounded by regions laid waste.

The “Drowned Ones”, that is those Dead who fell or were thrown in the water keep resurfacing at every corner, between the foundations of the palaces, on the small islands, on the sandy or stony banks of the channels. It is said that now Venice’s only inhabitants are the Lazzarettos, a community of Tainted outcasts, who live on large barges and scows that keep well away from the shore.

These desperate people brave the channels only to loot the old palaces or to find on the mainland some food that has not been infected by the waters of the Black Lagoon, as the stretch of sea in front of the old city is now called.

Dead in Venice on DriveThruRPG!


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