Ultima Forsan and Tropicana in print!


Ultima Forsan and Tropicana in print and being released in a few weeks. Thanks to Studio 2 for these partnerships!

Ultima Forsan goes to GenCon2016!

Giuseppe Rotondo and I are very happy to announce our Savage Settings: Ultima Forsan (GG Studio) and Tropicana (Gramel) are going to be released in printed versions in the next days.

Ultima Forsan: Setting Book will be presented at the next GenCon 2016, in a new Hardcover Edition. It will be available at the Studio 2 booth, and Gionata Dal Farra from GG Studio will be there to assist you with any question or curiosity you might have, or just for a friendly chat.

After the Con the book will be distributed by Studio 2 Publishing, so it will eventually reach you local brick&mortar store. It will be a 6×9 hardcover book, a very popular size among savages.

Tropicana already in pre-order!

Tropicana: Savage SettingLast news from GRAmel Publishing is about Tropicana: Setting Book. The new Softcover Edition is already in pre-order at Studio 2 Publishing for $19.99 and it will be released in the next days.

Those’re two small steps for Role-playing Games, a giant leap for two Italian authors 😀

Thanks to GRAmel, GG Studio and Studio 2 Publishing for making this possible!


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