AXE and BRIMSTONE on Kickstarter

Axe and Brimstone: halflings against demon-worshipping dwarves, for the ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES game system.

As usual, I love to support my Italian friends, when producing or releasing their fiction and games. The last project I am aware of is this interesting expansion for Advanced song of blades and hero, by Andrea Sfiligoi. The game is on Kickstarter and has been already funded, so let’s go for the Stretch Goals!

Axe and Brimstone

They say it better than me, so “it is a project to create a new range of 28mm fantasy miniatures representing Demon Possessed Dwarfs and Halflings for ASoBaH. Of course, the miniatures can be used with any game system, including RPGs, or even just collected for the joy of painting them.


AXE and BRIMSTONE is also a narrative campaign for you to use these miniatures in ADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES. It will tell the story of the Possessed (a group of evil dwarves) that are trying to summon their dark masters to the material world. In order to gather enough magical energies to open the gates to Zo, the region of the Netherwhere (Hell) where the demons are confined, the Possessed must offer a number of innocent souls in sacrifice. And what is more innocent than a village full of peace-loving, land tilling Halfling farmers?

21b7ecf5a69c91bc715229772e0bc1f7_originalADVANCED SONG of BLADES and HEROES is the updated incarnation of the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes miniatures system, which was funded in our previous Kickstarter, Hammer and Forge. With these rules, you can play fantasy skirmishes in any scale, with any models you already own. With an easy to use magic system, an exciting turn sequence, an optional background setting, weapon rules, an open-source point system, and combat mechanics that keep players involved at all times, there is no limit to the epic stories you can create. If you do not already own the rules, you can get them as part of this Kickstarter.”

I played ASoBaH several times, once with Andrea himself at a con, and I can strongly recommend this game and ALL his other ones.

Any other information on Kickstarter!


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