Imago Mortis – Prologue released!

Imago Mortis – Prologue has been released. Now you can give the first view to the layout and content of this new Savage Setting.

Imago Mortis – Prologue

Hell is empty and all the devils are here
William Shakespeare, The Tempest

The streets were dark with something more than night
Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder

The Old World’s metropolises are getting wicked, night after night. There is more corruption, more violence, more madness than ever, and the criminals are becoming heinous.

12743806_10207221497313932_3401026194229267903_nIn the meantime, around dark corners, people are starting to see dreadful things: paranormal activity, possessions, hauntings…

And a few people think there is an underlying pattern to all this. Prophecies and investigations point in the same direction, signs and clues are both used to solve cases, Psychics and Private Eyes are starting to co-operate.

And there is something Unhuman rising from the Netherworld…

Imago Mortis is a paranormal hard-boiled Savage Setting, focused on the classic ingredients of hard-boiled crime fiction, mixed with chilling elements from modern ghost stories.

In Imago Mortis, every hero is an “Occult Detective” that knows something is going wrong in the city. Every Detective has a foot in each camp: investigation and paranormal. He could be a cop that has seen too much in the sprawl, a medium operating as consulting detective, a hacker using the “GhostWeb,” connecting via secret places, a private eye specializing in “very particular cases”, a vengeful victim of a weird menace, a spiritualist with a gun, a scoundrel who has had enough of his creepy, atrocious boss, or a Lombrosian doctor working as a profiler.


In Imago Mortis Occult Detectives face gangsters, robbers, kidnappers, corrupt officers, terrorists, mobsters, serial killers and ruthless secret service agents. They solve cases in a very hard-boiled style, in the rotten heart of contemporary cities or in their enormous suburban sprawls. But, in all of their cases, there is something weird, paranormal and twisted, and a dark plot from the Netherworld is coming out.

Entities are real, places and people are being haunted and the Unhuman is preparing the Midnight of the Century.

Every case will be one part investigation, one part action and one part paranormal, and everything is going to get more evil, dark, and chilling as the story goes on…

Keep reading the whole Prologue and take a look to the layout!

Imago Mortis Official Facebook Page

Imago Mortis on Hero Engine


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