Tropicana, in paperback version

Tropicana: Savage Setting

Tropicana has a paperback version from Studio 2. Enjoy this exotical, action-adventure Savage Setting in its new dead-tree release!

I probably forgot to tell you, but Tropicana: Setting Book already has a paperback version, thanks to Studio 2 Publishing and GRAmel.

13886372_1402675239748643_7956972008799811841_nIf you still do not know this Savage Setting, Tropicana is a game of action heroes, scoundrels and troubleshooters, always looking for danger and adventure in San José. Whether your character works in an agency or is a freelancer, whether he’s looking for easy money or is inspired by an ideal of justice, or simply is the kind of person that doesn’t need to look for trouble because trouble is always looking for him, San José offers a great range of activities…

The Presidential Republic of San José is a small Caribbean country, almost unknown only a few years ago. For centuries this tiny nation had been a disputed territory between the neighboring countries until it unilaterally declared independence in the ‘60s during a series of coups, rebellions and civil wars that involved the whole area. Then over the course of a few years it had an outstanding period of development and reached its current status of an extremely rich country and a holiday paradise for celebrities and millionaires.

Completely regenerated from the squalor of the previous decades, today the city of San José is known as the Dubai of the West and the Emerald of the Caribbean.

But for those in the know, San José is above all something else: a port of trade and smuggling for drugs and weapons for the criminal cartels of Latin America, a place of money laundering, a haunt for wanted criminals in search of a new identity and a sanctuary from extradition. For this reason, all the criminal

For this reason, all the criminal organizations and illegal businesses in the world have an account opened here and San José also has other, more controversial nicknames: Gangsta’s Paradise, Republic of Thieves, and “the Black Hole” – the latter because it seems that anything that comes to San José can no longer be recovered.

A very nice place where organise a Great Robbery, isn’t it? Or try to stop it, if you prefer…

So, take a look at the game and if you like it, have your copy (digital or paperback) from the store!



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