Adventurers! is on Kickstarter, now!


Adventurers! is another wonderful game by Umberto Pignatelli, now on Kickstarter for a Revised Print Edition.

Another wonderful game from my friend Umberto Pignatelli. If you don’t know Adventurers! yet, it’s “a complete stand-alone RPG in two pages“, now in a better and revised edition, expanded and fine-tuned to make it a more streamlined game.

It is a traditional, old school RPG, with strong roots in Fighting Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds and a bit of FATE. And, of course, the challenge was putting everything you need for a great RPG in just two pages.

Umberto it’s an outstanding RPG designer. He accepted the challenge and he won. In the last two years, Adventurers has collected amazing reviews, hundreds of players and a dozen published adventures.

Now, Adventurers is on Kickstarter for the Revised Printed Edition.

First of all, you can download the whole digital edition right now, so you can read and play the game and make your opinion.

Then, go to the Kickstarter Project and verify how amazing the Printed Edition could be.

Support Adventurers! Send your Adventurers into action!


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