Imago Mortis: Preview, Sheet and 6 Heroes!

im-characterImago Mortis: Preview and other freebies are already in download. And the next Friday the whole Setting Book will be released!

Welcome to the Bureau, Detectives. They’ve assigned me to brief you on your tasks.

They’ve assigned me to brief you on your tasks. My name is Ghites, Augusto Ghites. I’m a Private Eye, you could say. I only work by word of mouth. My name isn’t in the phone book or on the internet.

sheetI’m Italian, I live in Milan, and I’m an Occult Detective. I’m not a part of the Bureau, just a consultant.

I gladly leave all the paperwork, bureaucracy and teamwork to you. I mind my own business. But if you need someone to explain this city and what is going on here, nobody in the whole Vallum Project is more qualified than me.

I’ve been doing this job, if you can call it that… I’ve lived this life since 2009, when ghosts were still Creepypasta tales for teenagers. I’ve been in this crap from before the GhostWeb, from before there was a Milieu, from before Vallum and the Believers MeetUps.

I do not claim to be the first one to have some psychic “gift” or to have noticed what’s going on… Lombrosians and other covert groups have been active for over a century. But for sure, most of the others here came later.

Nice shot, Ghites, go get your medal…

They asked me to tell you about entities and paranormal phenomena, and here we are. Some of you are also taking notes or recording what I say. Well, good nerds. We can make a nice ghosthunting handbook, like the Junior Woodchucks…

Imago Mortis Preview, Character Sheet and Pregenerated Characters

Imago Mortis Preview

So, the stars are “right”, Halloween is coming and the Imago Mortis Setting Book is going to be released next Friday, just ready for your Halloween sessions, and with a CONSISTENT Halloween discount from GRAmel.

In the meantime we decided to give you, FOR FREE:

Are you ready for Imago Mortis? We hope so. Because it will arrive anyway…



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