Gorillaconda! A new adventure for Tropicana


Gorillaconda! (yes exactly!) is a new introductory adventure for Tropicana Savage Setting. Find it on RPGNow!

Your jungle camp is now shrouded in darkness and only a few torches and campfires shed some light on it. Your native guides fled in the afternoon, terrified by local legends about the monstrous “Temburo-Suka”, the “ApeSnake”…

Until tonight you thought that it was a legend and your group was here just to make a sensational documentary about this living fossil…

But now you’ve changed your mind: distant drums echo through the jungle, the coming storm shakes the trembling trees and the colossal Gorillaconda emerges crawling from the bush, beating its fists on its chest and screaming its hideous cry at the stars!

…and Cut!

Please, keep attention: this image is not our property and it’s not in the game. I just put it here, because… because it is a GORILLACONDA!

LowFy TV Studio sent their best director, Miguel Bahia, to San José to make a low-budget direct-toTV monster movie: Gorillaconda! (tagline: “Yes, exactly!”).


But everything on the set goes wrong: vermin infestations, thefts, people vanishing, and the 90’s starlet Darla Hendricks is always dazed and confused by odd nightmares.

To the people on the set, the movie is cursed and the Gorillaconda could also be more “real” than expected.

Gorillaconda! is an introductory adventure for Tropicana, for 3-6 Novice Heroes or a Startup Agency.

Heroes can be part of the troupe; actors, TV stars, local guides or guards, drivers, pilots, private security, reporters or paparazzi, or any other kind of people useful for a US movie. As an Agency, they could be hired by the producer to handle logistics and security on the set.

One way or another, they soon find themselves in big trouble!

Find Gorillaconda! on RPGNow!


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