Wayland’s Secret 1: An Unexpected Meeting


Wayland’s Secret is a short novel by Darren Pearce, set in the ghastly England of Ultima Forsan. Part 1/3, An Unexpected Meeting, just released!

The four travellers were greeted by the early morning light, as the coach rumbled on over the ragged ground of a barely maintained roadway. As the sun gently rose to push away the mist, the remnants of the night slipped off into shadow. The landscape of England was still beautiful, regardless of the terrors that lurked beyond the rolling hills, forested undulating ground, and castle dominated skyline. Three men and one woman were the vehicle’s passengers, tucked in safely behind glass, wood, steel, and thick cloth curtains they were unaware of the change from night to day, save for the slight glimmer of light as it began to filter in.

It was idyllic, peaceful, serene almost and the coachman pulled his coat’s lapel up to ward off the morning chill. He took a sip from a heady drink in a metal flask, adjusted his cocked hat, and took his eyes off the road for a bare second.

He died almost instantly as a creature leapt from the raised roadside, followed by a dozen others, his throat torn out and the flesh ripped asunder. A massive shaggy monstrous beast slammed into the side of the coach, it splintered wood, shattered the glass, and the sheer force of the impact managed to slam the vehicle over onto its side. The horses let out a scream as their harness snapped, the pair of them fled the attack as quickly as they could, flecks of spittle trailing from their mouths — eyes wide in fear…

Wayland’s Secret 1: An Unexpected Meeting

529083_10200775198400810_1953736950_nWayland’s Secret is a brand new short novel set in the world of Ultima Forsan, by Darren W. Pearce. It’s finally time to discover what’s happening in the “Ghastly England”, and this story, split into three parts, will give you a thrilling advice of it!

With An Unexpected Meeting, Darren officially joins our “Macabre Family”, and I’m very proud that a skilled English writer such him works with us at Ultima Forsan.

Attached to the novel there’s a roundup of gaming information by Giuseppe Rotondo for those readers that would like to turn the short novel in a game scenario.

The cover is by The Art of Francesco Saverio Ferrara and the adventure heroes are beautifully illustrated by Gillian Pearce.

Wayland’s Secret 1: An Unexpected Meeting is now available on GGstudio, on DriveThru and DriveThruFiction


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