Wayland’s Secret 2: Forbidden Alchemy


Wayland’s Secret is a short novel by Darren Pearce, set in the ghastly England of Ultima Forsan. Part 2/3, Forbidden Alchemy, just released!

Faced with overwhelming odds, courage is rather like a river that bursts its banks in those who can call upon incredible reserves of strength.

So it was that Edward, Jane, and Sebastian had theirs sorely tested as the Dead Horde swarmed them, the cultists of the mysterious Blood Father closed ranks, and the chanting high priest let forth curses in their direction, spoken with a pus-flecked tongue, that dribbled with bile and darkformed cadence. Several of the Dead learnt first hand the strength of Sebastian’s mettle, the young knight, emboldened by the proximity of his comrades struck swiftly, before Friar Edward could even fire a second volley of shots. The knight’s sword became thick with the dark diseased blood of the Horde, as he chopped, and hacked at the thick bodies before him. He swung his shield around with a bone-jarring crack and painted it with the ichor of the damned…

Wayland’s Secret 2: Forbidden Alchemy

Forbidden Alchemy is the second of three parts of Darren Pearce‘s “Wayland’s Secret“, a story set in our Ultima Forsan Savage Setting. The short story goes on from the first part: An unexpected meeting.

As for the latter, attached to the novel there’s a roundup of gaming information by Giuseppe Rotondo for those readers that would like to turn the short novel in a game scenario.

The cover is by The Art of Francesco Saverio Ferrara and the interior art is by Gillian Pearce.

Wayland’s Secret 1: An Unexpected Meeting is now available on GGstudio and DriveThru.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!


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