Beasts & Barbarians – Steel Edition!


The bestselling Savage Setting Beasts & Barbarians by Umberto Pignatelli at its third version: Steel Edition! Join the successful crowdfunding on Indiegogo!

Beasts & Barbarians is probably definitely the best sword & sorcery setting for Savage Worlds ever made. It’s a privilege to say its author is an Italian game designer and a friend, Umberto Pignatelli.

Beasts & Barbarians was first published in 2011, then it was followed by the second, Golden Edition in 2012. This last one has 43 positive reviews on DriveThruRPG with a final vote of 4.8 on 5 stars, if you know what I mean.


Now, after five years and a lot of adventures and publications, a third, Steel Edition is arriving. Steel, “Because Steel is stronger than Gold”! 😀 Due to this quote, they will have my money! 😀

xjvdoicdgwc21oxkcwk6But, of course, it’s not only the quote. The Steel Edition comes on Indiegogo as a crowdfunding campaign, and has been funded in less than 24 hours, due to the love of its players.

In the very moment I’m writing, within 48 hours from the campaign start, they already reached the second Pledge Goal… and the run has just begun!

As I can read from the Indiegogo page, the game now includes an extended timeline, new lore, an expanded setting, gear, adventures, monsters and much more – and they streamlined the rules as well.

FBaerald_MappaDominii_Preview2The main products of the Steel Edition are two books: Player’s Guide and Game Master’s GuideBoth books will be hardcover, 144 pages, full colour. Adventures and other pledges will be in booklet format (black and white).

You can check early layout draft here! (it may change in the end, especially art, justifying and colours). Every order will also get either pdf or print version of an handpainted map of the Dominions crafted by talented artist and mistress cartographer Francesca Baerald, in poster A3 format, which is 11.7” × 16.5”, folded)

So, my advice is to take a look at the campaign, at the reviews and at the sample, and then choose your pledge of this amazing game, now in its better version and with a lot of gadgets to enrich your gaming experience!


Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition on Indiegogo!


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