Ultima Forsan: The Iron Crown just released!

The Iron Crown

The Iron Crown is an Ultima Forsan short campaign in three Episodes for three to six Novice or Seasoned characters. 

In the fourth century AD, the Emperor Constantine I ordered that the entire area of Golgotha be unearthed and a basilica erected there. According to tradition, during the excavations, the “true” cross of Christ was found. Constantine’s mother, Helena, brought the nails from the cross to Rome, and ordered that one of them be embedded into her son’s helmet, to protect him in battle. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Helm of Constantine was brought to Constantinople, and later passed into the hands of Theodoric the Great, king of Italy, who made a Crown out of it.

16 c 1 Lombardy

The presence of the nail of the Crucifixion and the history of the Helm of Constantine, the first Christian emperor, make the Iron Crown an object of very strong symbolic value, linked to the divine and to continuity with the Roman Empire.

That is why the Crown was used by the Lombard kings, and then by Charlemagne and his descendants, for the coronation of the King of Italy.

After many vicissitudes, just before the Dies Iraes, the Crown was stolen by Bertrand du Pouget, Cardinal of the Cathedral of Monza, and sent to Pope John XXII in Avignon, where it has remained for two centuries.

A few weeks ago a thief belonging to the Guild of the Guiscards, Jeno de Jambelen, stole the Crown from Avignon and has vanished, perhaps headed toward Italy.

Your mission is to find Jeno and regain the Crown.

MV5BMDk5YmEyNTctOTI2MS00MWRjLWIyNTAtYWVmMzkyMDVjMDUwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjUyNDk2ODc@._V1_Another campaign from Giuseppe Rotondo and me for Ultima Forsan, the Savage Setting of Macabre Renaissance. It’s actually a very short campaign, in three linked scenarios, and it -as usual- bring in your game a mix of historical events, European legends, Renaissance flavour, easter eggs and literary cameo appearances.

The history and legend of the Iron Crown come from chronicles, and it’s a real relic from the ancient world you can still find somewhere in a museum. Then we add something Macabresque, as we are used to do for this game series.

Titles of the three adventures are:

  • cfab7036ec5175fcdc69c7be2921c507Unglorious Guiscards (“Guiscard” is something related to the word Wizard” and means “cunning”); incidentally, this is also the English version of the title of my second novel: “Guiscardi senza gloria” in Italian. Same quote, same pun.
  • The tragical history of Romero and Ghoulet, when heroes reach Verona and… you know…
  • The name of the rot, of course quoting The name of the rose of the Italian writer Umberto Eco, recently passed away. You probably better know the movie with Sean Connery, Cristian Slater and Ron Perlman.

You can find The Iron Crown on DriveThruRPG, together with the whole English Ultima Forsan series!


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