Queens of the Golden Gauntlet Tournament

The Queens of the Golden Gauntlet Tournament
Last 2 days for Beasts & Barbarians – Steel Edition. They have a final stretch goal for you. With an adventure of mine in it!

Beasts & Barbarians – Steel Edition has been completely backed weeks ago and there already are a lot of unblocked stretch goals. The next target to reach is 20,000 $, a goal called Scribes of the Dominion. With this one, every backer from a certain pledge on will receive a new book, in digital and/or paperback version, with new adventures and contents for the game.

A few days ago, the guys on the project asked me to write an official bonus adventure for this pledge, to be added to the other final contributions already planned for the launch of the Steel Edition.

I was very happy for this possibility and I said yes. So, if the crowdfunding now reach the last level, you will also find Queens of the Golden Gauntlet Tournament in the last book.

Here’s what the adventure is about (title and narrative can change):

Queens of the Golden Gauntlet Tournament

Enter the Arena. Overcome your opponents. Become a Queen.
The rules of the Tournament

immagine2The Amazon kingdom of Ascaia has been freed by gladiator games long ago, and arenas of death are no longer permitted in it. But in the nearby island of Tekenia, otherwise abandoned, once every seven years a challenge promoted by the Sister Queens takes place: the Golden Gauntlet Tournament.

Warrior women come from every corner of the Dominions to take part of it. The best among them are honoured by the sovereigns of Ascaia, and asked to join the Amazons as their instructors and champions.

In addition to this, the Queens of the Tournament, who are two, like the Sister Queens of Ascaia, conquest even more honours and rewards, including two golden gauntlets, the symbol of victory.

But this year, betrayal and intrigue slither under the clangour of bronze weapons. Someone is trying to take advantage of the tournament to kill the Sister Queens, and the poison of this obscure conspiracy will soon mix with the blood of the arena!

EDIT: I know there could be some grammatical errors and odd turns of phrase in my posts. My publishers always work with native English editors and proofreaders who check on every English official release of mine, so please don’t focus on typos and phrasing.


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