Savage Worlds in Italy: Giuseppe Rotondo speaks

The Wild Die is a RPG Podcast about the role-playing game Savage Worlds. Some days ago they had my accomplice Giuseppe Rotondo in their Episode 28, to talk about what’s going on with Savage Worlds in Italy.

downloadAs you, my beloved reader(s), probably know, Giuseppe is my partner in many RPGs and projects both for English and Italian market, as Ultima Forsan and Tropicana, and he is one of the best Italian game designers I even met. And I met almost them all.
So, I’m very happy to listen to the podcast and to propose it to you. The focus of the interview is to show players worldwide what’s happening in Italy with the RPG industry and Savage Worlds in particular, but, as you can listen, the conversation soon becomes more informal, chatting about pizza, pasta and every Italian clichées.

If you want to know everything about RPGs (and mainly SW) in Italy, that’s your podcast!

Listen to Giuseppe’s interview!

Then a list of useful links for who wants to know Savage Worlds scene in Italy:

Savagepedia Italia

GG Studio & more:

Social Media:

Notable RPG Cons:

Some cool shops around Italy:

Savage Worlds Cons:


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