Giuseppe Rotondo’s Gold & Glory!

Seven Deadly Dungeons released! Giuseppe Rotondo’s masterpiece is the perfect mix between Old School RPGs and Savage Worlds!

Cover G&GWelcome to a world of legendary heroes and daring feats or, more probably, to a dishonourable story of ill-fated treasure hunters who’ll soon bite off more than they can chew… unless they manage to return home with enough gold to carouse wildly until their next expedition!

Something happened last week. My usual accomplice, Giuseppe Rotondo, came out with his new RPG, a Savage Setting for Savage Worlds Deluxe that deeply emulates the classic Old School style.

The series is called Gold & Glory, and the first book (a sort of Setting Book, but there is no setting) is Seven Deadly Dungeons, because it collects… well… 7 deadly dungeons.

downloadBut first let me talk a little bit about Giuseppe, because this last book of him is exactly what he always asked from a game and the game he always wanted to create. Before being an author, Giuseppe is a real fan, collector, theorist and critic of RPGs, old and new. And, even more than that, a great gamer and a great Game Master. He played or mastered dozens of games and knows hundreds of them, following new waves, products and ideas wherever he can find them.

Then he has a gift, a real gift, for rules, mechanics and design. He is the GG Studio rule expert for Savage Worlds and manages the rule contents and issues for Tropicana, Ultima Forsan and every other Savage Setting in translations we have in Italy.

His idea of the better game system is something minimal, focused, concentrated, a game in which each part, each element, even each word, has a reason to be there, it’s necessary, consistent and irreplaceable. Not a word more, nor less, than needed.

Minimal. Elegant. Focused.

Cattura45So, Gold & Glory is his masterpiece. An Old School Fantasy Game, perfectly fitted for Savage Worlds Deluxe, in which the minimalism of OSR meets the elegance of Savage Worlds.

Gold & Glory is not your usual Savage Setting. In that it is not really a setting at all, and it doesn’t want to be one.

Gold & Glory is a method, and a toolbox, to enjoy the Fast, Furious and Fun rules of Savage Worlds in a game of classic dungeon exploration, in the spirit of the Old School Renaissance, with no other book needed besides Savage Worlds Deluxe.

Let’s talk about the book itself.

Gold & GloryGold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons has 114 pages in b/w, with some coloured picture, a lot of tables and sketches. It includes the art of the Italian Francesco Saverio Ferrara and cartography by Dyson Logos.

The book also includes:

  • A random character generation system to start playing in no time
  • New equipment for dungeon delvers
  • Magic and Miracles Arcane Backgrounds to create classic arcane characters in the FFF spirit of Savage Worlds
  • Downtime activities such as Carousing and Magic Research, tied to the Experience system, to keep your heroes busy between one expedition and the next
  • The Dungeon Deck system to generate your dungeons while you play
  • Seven deadly self-generating dungeons for your heroes to explore!
  • More than 30 new monsters to face and a heap of magic items to loot!

Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons on DriveThruRPG!


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