Imago Mortis: Preview, Sheet and 6 Heroes!

im-characterImago Mortis: Preview and other freebies are already in download. And the next Friday the whole Setting Book will be released! Continue reading “Imago Mortis: Preview, Sheet and 6 Heroes!”


Imago Mortis – Prologue released!

Imago Mortis – Prologue has been released. Now you can give the first view to the layout and content of this new Savage Setting. Continue reading “Imago Mortis – Prologue released!”

Imago Mortis -The Novel


Imago Mortis is the Role-playing Game I’m working on: I already said that. But where does the whole project come from? Here is the Italian novel from which we got the idea: Imago Mortis by Samuel Marolla. Continue reading “Imago Mortis -The Novel”

Imago Mortis – A first look


So, now it’s official: I’m working on a new Savage Setting for GRAmel, based on a great and amazing Italian novel: Imago Mortis (same name for the novel and the rpg)!

I also created a new page on the blog, but it is still a work in progress, and an Official Facebook Page.

What is Imago Mortis?

Imago Mortis is a hardboiled horror Savage Setting, focused on the classic ingredients of noir and crime fiction, mixed with ghastly and paranormal elements.

entierro-de-la-sardina-10Old world’s metropolis are getting wicked, night after night. There is more corruption, more violence, more madness than usual, and the criminals are becoming crueler.

In the meantime, in the corners of reality, someone is starting to see weird things: phantoms, paranormal activities, hauntings…

And a few people think there is a common pattern in that.

Prophecies and investigations point to the same direction, signs and clues are both used to solve cases, Spiritists and Private Eyes are starting to co-operate.

And there is something Inhuman rising from the Underworld…

9ba971e7-12f1-4fea-9f8e-9307d3aabf05In this very moment I’m working on Setting Rules, Bestiary and other “crunchy” parts, before finally definying setting, flavour and fluff. I already did a lot of tests with dozens of people, and right now I’m putting the whole experience in the Setting Book.

As you can see, we already have a Cover and are actually working on art and layout, so you can already have an idea of the release (sort of).

The plan is releasing Imago Mortis: Setting Book next Autumn, so do not split the party and prepare rifles and salt for exorcisms…

In the meantime:

Read the book inspiring the game!

Have a look at the official page!

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