Savage Worlds in Italy: Giuseppe Rotondo speaks

The Wild Die is a RPG Podcast about the role-playing game Savage Worlds. Some days ago they had my accomplice Giuseppe Rotondo in their Episode 28, to talk about what’s going on with Savage Worlds in Italy.

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Gorillaconda! A new adventure for Tropicana


Gorillaconda! (yes exactly!) is a new introductory adventure for Tropicana Savage Setting. Find it on RPGNow! Continue reading “Gorillaconda! A new adventure for Tropicana”

Researchers of the Lost City: Released!

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Researchers of the Lost City is the first long adventure Giuseppe and I have written for Tropicana. GRAmel has just published it: find your path to tropical adventure on RPGNow!  Continue reading “Researchers of the Lost City: Released!”