High Stakes Free Beta Released


High Stakes is a new adventure and storytelling game from Ganesha Games. Download the free rulebook and start playing this evening! Continue reading “High Stakes Free Beta Released”


Imago Mortis: Preview, Sheet and 6 Heroes!

im-characterImago Mortis: Preview and other freebies are already in download. And the next Friday the whole Setting Book will be released! Continue reading “Imago Mortis: Preview, Sheet and 6 Heroes!”

Dead in Venice – A Savage Tale for Ultima Forsan

dead in venice

Dead in Venice is one of the first Savage Setting we played and wrote for Ultima Forsan, now in a new, edited English version. Pay it what you want on DriveThruRPG! Continue reading “Dead in Venice – A Savage Tale for Ultima Forsan”

Imago Mortis -The Novel


Imago Mortis is the Role-playing Game I’m working on: I already said that. But where does the whole project come from? Here is the Italian novel from which we got the idea: Imago Mortis by Samuel Marolla. Continue reading “Imago Mortis -The Novel”