Savage Worlds in Italy: Giuseppe Rotondo speaks

The Wild Die is a RPG Podcast about the role-playing game Savage Worlds. Some days ago they had my accomplice Giuseppe Rotondo in their Episode 28, to talk about what’s going on with Savage Worlds in Italy.

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Hope and Glory – not last year’s steampunk setting!

semper eadem

Hope and Glory is an upcoming game project from my friend Davide Mana, one of the best Italian rpg designers and writers. Let’s give a look!  Continue reading “Hope and Glory – not last year’s steampunk setting!”

Dead in Venice – A Savage Tale for Ultima Forsan

dead in venice

Dead in Venice is one of the first Savage Setting we played and wrote for Ultima Forsan, now in a new, edited English version. Pay it what you want on DriveThruRPG! Continue reading “Dead in Venice – A Savage Tale for Ultima Forsan”