Ultima Forsan

Bozza Copertina UF - 3

The Dead have breached our defenses. The Alchemist and the Knight have already died fighting, while that cursed Inventor has flown away on his winged machine. The Gypsy has been bitten, and now she cannot hide her sardonic grin.
You have seen this happen to the Morituri many times before.
ou have managed to barricade yourselves in the armory, where you sit close to each other. Her wound is superficial, so it may take her many days to turn into one of Them, but the door will fall down much sooner than that.
It is your last hour of life.

Ultima Forsan - Mappa Europa

At the end of the Middle Ages, the Plague of the Dead has spread through Europe, Africa and Asia giving rise to the darkest time in history.

Now, in the year 1515, heroes from the New Kingdoms are ready to fight to reconquer the World.

Ultima Forsan is a game of wild adventures and deadly dangers, set in a macabre alternate version of our Renaissance.

It is written by Giuseppe Rotondo and me, same authors of Tropicana, and published in Italian and English language by GG Studio.

In Italy this is one of the most loved Savage Setting and we are very proud to share it also with English players. At the time I’m writing, the game is Best Silver Seller on DriveThruRPG, with mainly five-star reviews.

Ultima Forsan: Setting Book

144051Inside Ultima Forsan: Setting Book you can find:

  • A new Savage Worlds Setting, made of grim horrors and indomitable heroes.
  • Two double-page maps: Macabre Lucca and the New Kingdoms of the West.
  • New Edges, Arcane Backgrounds and Rules to face the Plague Hordes.
  • Special weapons, augmented armors and mechanical prosthesis to fight the Macabre War.


  • UF Sample Preview 5The Secret of Marco Polo: a complete campaign ready to play.
  • More than thirty new, frightening monsters, plus dozens of animals, human characters and Wild Cards.
  • An adventure generator that will allow you to create an infinite number of adventures for your Heroes.
  • A scalable lethality level, allowing you to play the way you prefer, from lethal survival horror to epic action and heroism.

Other releases

Knights vs Dead Double Page

In the Ultima Forsan page on DriveThruRPG you can also find:

  • 14305_791583424229101_930627057910668583_nUltima Forsan: A taste of Macabre, a 31-pages free preview of the game. There are also 4 Pregenerated Characters and 1 introductory adventure in it: Death and the Machine!

We are currently working on a new release of the Setting Book and on a lot of other books and adventures. Next to come:

  • Once upon a time in Lucca, a Plot Point campaign that follows the two introductory adventures and can be used with the Lucca Map
  • Ultima Forsan: Ruthenia Macabra, a regional gazetteer about Macabre Russia.

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