Brancalonia – Review, Interview, Introduction

Brancalonia – The Spaghetti Fantasy RPG: some first English review, interview, introduction!

So, Brancalonia is on Kickstarter. The campaign launch day was AMAZING, with the 800% of the goal in the first few hours… Now the crowdfunding is still running to 100.000 euro, 2000 backers, and the Final Goals. And everyone will be happy!

The price is incredibly low: just 79 euro + shipment for the highest pledge, the DUCA-CONTE:

  • A full-color Hardback copy of Brancalonia and its digital PDF version
  • Art of Brancalonia (Artbook)
  • Game Master Screen
  • Macaronicon in softcover print and PDF (includes all stretch goals)
  • MAPS
  • “The Daily Jinx” bonus booklet

And a lot of lesser expensive/inclusive options.

It’s too easy for me to say that our campaign is successful. So, better to add some (English) content about it.

First of all, an interview with Max Castellani, of the game development team, on Victory Condition Gaming:

On the same channel, there also is an actual play: have a look!

Then, there is a thread on the game on RPG.Net, with very interesting comments about the Quickstart and the Pregenerated Characters.

More of the same: Brancalonia on Karavansara!

Finally – for now – a general introduction to the game on Sage Advice.

So, the campaign is live and we need you for an even better product: have a look and do your move with Brancalonia, THE Spaghetti Fantasy RPG!

Brancalonia Quickstart and Pre-generated Characters

Brancalonia is THE Spaghetti Fantasy Campaign Setting for 5th Edition. An all-Italian medieval, roguish and picaresque world for the ultimate version of the most famous role-playing game of all time. Continue reading “Brancalonia Quickstart and Pre-generated Characters”

Brancalonia – The Spaghetti Fantasy Role-playing Game!

The “Spaghetti Fantasy” Shared Universe by Acheron Books (together with Ignoranza Eroica) is arriving: Brancalonia is an Italian brand-new Campaign Setting for the 5th Edition of the world’s most famous role-playing game. Continue reading “Brancalonia – The Spaghetti Fantasy Role-playing Game!”

Scheherazade, or the 1001 Game Sessions

Scheherazade is a new narrative role-playing game by Umberto Pignatelli and SpaceOrange42. The Caliphate of the Eternal Moon is waiting for you! Continue reading “Scheherazade, or the 1001 Game Sessions”

Ultima Forsan UPDATE to SWADE!

SpaceOrange42 just released the Ultima Forsan upgrade / update to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Ultima Forsan was written for Savage Worlds Deluxe, but it’s easy to update for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Most of the rules can be used as-is. Those that require a little work are detailed in a new conversion file you can find on DriveThruRPG or on the publisher’s website.

Where core rules differ, the Game Master can use whichever version she prefers. Both will work just fine in your game, though those presented in SWADE are a bit structured and streamlined.

General Notes

Racial abilities, skills, Edges, Hindrances and should be converted to their SWADE equivalents. Tracking, for example, becomes Survival. If a character has two skills that have been merged into one in SWADE (such Survival and Tracking), use the higher of values for the new skill.

If a being has an Edge or Hindrance without an obvious equivalent in SWADE you can either ignore it or give it a new one you feel has the same general theme.

Then, there are other 3 pages of changes and updates in the file, about Character Creation, Gear, Setting Rules and Bestiary.